Artichokes are heat-loving plants of the large family, Asteraceae. The genus Cynara includes eight other wild, thistle-like plants, including C. humilis, which was grown as a food crop in North Africa. Some people grow these plants for their splendid purple flower heads and striking foliage. The plants, with their silvery foliage, can grow to 3m […]

Prior to the 18th century, scientists struggled to find conventions with which to categorize organisms. In the 1730s, the visionary Swedish biologist Carl Linnaeus developed a system of taxonomy (called binomial nomenclature), which assigned Latin names to all living things. This conveniently allowed groups of similar plants and animals to be bundled according to their […]

The weather outdoors is cold and gloomy. Here on the coast it is altogether wet — the ground is sodden and squishy. Elsewhere, the first blankets of snow are falling, and the ground is freezing hard. Only the most spirited of winter gardeners are still making trips to the greenhouse, low tunnels, or raised beds […]

Every fall people ask us how to harvest quinoa. These tall plants produce masses of seeds, each seed resulting from the pollination of a single flower in their beautiful inflorescences (flower clusters). When the seeds are fully ripe and ready for harvest, they will fall out of the seed head easily. If part of the […]

West Coast Seeds is pleased to announce that we will shortly be moving our offices and warehouse. We will be moving to a beautifully renovated barn on a fifteen acre, certified organic farm here in Ladner. We have been hurting for space for over a year, and this move will allow us some breathing room […]

It’s September, and much of the garden has been put to bed. Heat loving summer crops have all but withered: Sunflower heads have been cut for drying, tomatoes have been picked green and brought indoors, and pumpkins sit bright and orange while the rest of the plants have succumbed to mildew and the season’s end. […]

The elements of this Fennel and Golden Beet Salad really benefit from the use of a mandoline slicer to achieve very thin, even slices. Both the fennel bulb and beet are sliced this way (on the thinnest setting), but they are raw. A thicker slice would do, but the salad would be much crunchier. This […]

Pizza Margherita is supposedly the original prototype of all pizzas that followed. Tradition holds that its three simple toppings symbolize the red (tomato sauce), green (basil), and white (mozzerella) of the Italian Flag. It is a pizza constructed with restraint, that features the simple flavours of a minimal number of toppings. There are a multitude […]

Roasting garlic transforms it from spicy, sharp, and pungent to sweet and smokey. The garlic loses its hard texture and becomes creamy and smooth. There are lots of ways to achieve this, but our preferred method is this simple roasted garlic recipe. Preheat the oven to bake at 400°F (205°C). Using a sharp knife, carefully […]