Flower Arrangement Inspiration

Flower Arrangement Inspirations
29 Nov

One day this past summer several of us got together to photograph some of the flowers and produce from the trial fields in a more studio setting. Jill, who normally works in customer service, has some professional experience as a florist, and her arrangements were amazing. Several of our team would cut the flowers and…

Nitrogen fixers

Nitrogen Fixers
27 Nov

Here’s a bit of geeky plant science. On this image of the roots of white clover, you can plainly see bumps along the roots that are called nodules. Over millions of years, the plant has evolved a symbiotic relationship with certain species of soil-dwelling bacteria called Rhizobia. This group of bacteria has the ability to…

Bumble Bee Blend Wildflowers Ingredients

Bumble Bee Wildflower Blend
15 Nov

This blend of annual and perennial wildflowers is selected to attract and feed a wide array of bumble bees. The Bumble Bee Blend Wildflowers are hardy to Zone 4, and are best grown in full sun. Different components of the mix will bloom at different times over summer, so the look will change as the…

Growing Food Indoors

Growing Food Indoors
23 Oct

Growing food outdoors over winter is easy if you equip yourself with the right gear. Outdoors, we use cloche protection, row cover, and mulches to insulate the soil and keep frost off plants. And we choose the hardiest varieties of plants that can deal with the low light levels, short days, and cold growing conditions….

Biodiversity Blend Wildflowers Ingredients

Biodiversity Blend Wildflowers Ingredients
16 Sep

The Biodiversity Blend provides the widest, most diverse combination of flower types in any of our wildflower blends. There are flowers to tempt every sort of pollinator, but particularly butterflies, wild bees, and hummingbirds. Several species are included that produce edible seeds, so they will continue to nourish songbirds and other critters long after their…

How to Grow Micro Clover

Pelleted Micro Clover Seeds
26 Aug

These are our recommended tips on how to grow Micro Clover and other Lawn Solution products. All over North America, people are deciding to replace their traditional grass lawns with other low-growing, less demanding plants. Traditional lawn grasses form thatch, a thick, tough, almost impermeable layer of root mass. These grasses are selected for their…

Seeds to Sow Mid-August

Kale Seeds for Fall Planting
13 Aug

The first average frost date for Lower Mainland BC is November 2. This date is reflected pretty closely from the Sunshine Coast and Gulf Islands, coastal Vancouver Island, Puget Sound, and down to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. That means we have approximately eleven weeks of growing time before we can reasonably expect the cold…