The garden experience is an abundant one. So many gifts that awaits us every time we visit, reminding us that gardening isn’t a chore to be done but a stepping stone into a mindful practice. Out of a tiny seed, we cultivate ideas, create, learn, and discover a world outside of our obvious. There is an enchanting, open invitation that welcomes you in every time you return. 

Our senses awaken as we step into a garden space, where everything is moving at the pace of nature. We close our eyes and take in the fresh aromas of our herbs before adding them to our life recipe. We receive the visual stimulation of being immersed amongst the hues of our natural landscape. The tangible connection we feel slipping our hands into the soil. From the gratitude and gratification that we feel as we tend to our crop to the sounds of cheerful birds and humming bees sharing space with us, we are harvesting mindfulness. We have time with ourselves that takes us into the present moment. 

The environmental elements bring their offerings as well. The warmth of the sun embracing our face in the afternoon bringing light to a heavy day. The cool evening breeze brushing over our skin reminding us we are here while it creates a gentle movement show and nature dance amongst your landscape and garden goodies. Watching the rain effortlessly refresh your garden with its peaceful patterns and soothing sounds one drop at a time. Or that blanket of snow that inspires to us with its blank canvas that awaits our next growing season. It is always waiting for us to begin again. It is all to be celebrated.

We breathe deeper. Our heartbeat calms. We feel aware and connected with the environment around us. Our hands are productive, but our mind is moving into a restorative state, allowing us to tap out of anxiety and into simplicity. Even the activity in form of weeding in the garden carries a meditative composure.

We have come to discover the benefits of having “green” in our living environment and interactions with plants around us in our daily life. We understand that they can improve many of our daily functions from improving concentration, productivity, and even sleep if we have plant interactions prior to. Science has told us that mycobacterium vaccae (found in our soil) is also proven to increase serotonin production in our brain, improving our overall mood, reducing stress, and inviting us to enter a mindset that we are now on nature’s time. There is a therapeutic essence at play when we give ourselves the opportunity to be present and patient in our growing process and garden adventure. Nature holds the space for us.

We find purpose in finding ways to further connect with our soil and living species that co-exist around us. What are their patterns? How can we support each other? We learn the needs of our garden. Without them, what is the garden? We slow down and we watch, carefully taking it in. 

Without effort, we grow, too. Our curiosities grow; our ability to think resourcefully as we execute creative solutions in our garden space. Forever a student as we experiment with every fresh season. Whether we are nurturing nature from our backyards, or our kitchen counter, it is always inviting us to grow with it. Witnessing the transformation of a seed as the first leaves penetrate out of the soil’s surface. There is a magical excitement that also is planted within us, a hopefulness, and an intention. We can create/reconstruct a space, a room in our home, a yard, a patio that can help us find our joy. It is our safe space, our interconnected haven. We have been planted here. 

It seems we are in a search for restoration solutions for our mind and spirit as tense times and busy lifestyles have become our new norm for many of us. We can gift this to ourselves, and to others around us. We can invite those into this space with us and share these gifts as freely as it is given to us and discovered by us. Whether it is passion, interest or curiosity that has brought us to gardening, regardless of our skill, knowledge, and experience, we are sure to encounter mindful moments along the way. Although we never entirely master the garden, we cultivate our ideas, flow with the blessings, and gain learning opportunities that growing brings to us, connecting to ourselves and the world around us as it is all food for our soul. One seed at a time.

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