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West Coast Seeds are very proud of our 2016 selection of certified organic seeds, open pollinated seeds, heirloom seeds and heritage seeds for organic vegetable growing. West Coast Seeds carries over 800 varieties of vegetable seeds be it organic, heirloom, or non gmo. Our annual selection of 200 flower Seeds and flower bulbs are sure to delight both the beginner and master gardener. Be sure to add some herb seeds to your order this season as nothing beats the fresh flavours of your favourite herbs to our great selection of appetizers, soups, salads and main courses at WCS Recipes. In addition to our diverse seeds selection, you will find all kinds of articles, instructions, growing guides and tools like our planting charts and Planting Zone Finder to help you with your organic gardening. Shop our selection of West Coast Seeds Certified Organic Seeds, Heirloom Seeds, non GMO seeds.

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Seeds to Plant Now

Arugula Seeds

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Radish Seeds

French Breakfast


Onion Seeds

Pacific 22



Red Russian


Salad Greens Seeds

Vit Corn Salad Mache


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West Coast Seeds Gardening Guides


Discover our just released Fall Winter Gardening Guide. West Coast Seeds will help you discover all the benefits of fall, winter and over-winter gardening. The goal of this guide is to advise on what to plant and when to plant it for cool season harvests. Gardener’s living where winters are mild can be successful in year-round gardening and it’s easy, economical and deeply rewarding.

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We also have a digital version of this year’s Guide featuring more than 750 untreated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, plus detailed planting and growing instructions, and tips for organic growing.

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Sprouting Seeds | Certified Organic

Grow these delicious, nutritious sprouting seeds perfect for salads and sandwiches.

West Coast Seeds sprouting seeds and blends are trialled in our test kitchen to ensure they are the best tasting seeds on the market. Also, they’re certified organic – this means that they were produced on farms that do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our instructional Sprout Guide complete with information & infographics will get you on your way to sprouting healthy seeds instantly. Get our best selling sprouting seeds such as Bean Salad Organic, Broccoli Organic, Green Peas Organic and many other sprouting seeds.

Enjoy sprouting seeds at home

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