Untreated Seeds for Organic Growing, Non-GMO

Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable Seeds

Browse our selection of untreated, non-gmo vegetable seeds for organic growing. Choose from over 1,000 varieties of open-pollinated and hybrid vegetable seeds. West Coast Seeds features certified organic and heirloom seeds for growing amaranth, beets, carrots, leeks, onions, peppers, tomatoes or just about any vegetable seed you would like to grow.

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Herb Seeds

Select from a host of fragrant culinary and medicinal herb seeds. Peruse our most popular herb seeds like basil, catnip, and chive or discover exotic varieties such as epazote, fennel, or shiso seeds. All herb seeds are untreated and packed fresh and available in many sizes or home gardens, market farms, nurseries, or commercial organic growers.

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Herb Seeds
Flower Seeds

Flower Seeds

View our vibrant collection of flower seeds. Delight your garden by picking & planting from over 200 beautiful flowers that will delight both novice and master gardeners. Many have been selected for use as edible flowers, to attract pollinators and beneficial insects for companion planting, and for use in water-wise xeriscaping schemes.

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Seeds to Plant Now

  • Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

    Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds Organic

  • Fava Beans

    Fava Beans

  • Komatsuna Red

    Komatsuna Red

  • Mizuna Organic

    Mizuna Organic

  • Windsor Broad Bean Seeds



The West Coast Seeds Gardening Guide

West Coast Seeds Gardening Guide 2019

Click here to browse the digital edition of our 2018 Gardening Guide.

Since 1983, West Coast Seeds has been supporting organic gardening efforts by providing grower quality seeds to markets growers and home gardeners. Each year your free subscription invites you to dream of spring, colour, sunshine, food, and family. Be sure to join our mailing list to receive the 2019 edition of the West Coast Seeds Gardening Guide.

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