She's Always Barefoot Collection

Candice standing in a garden next to her dog.

Hello, I'm Candice, a mom of two boys in Quebec, Canada. With a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbology, and ongoing Holistic Nutrition studies, I'm all about the magic of plants.

My seed selection revolves around a theme: simple home remedies. These flowers, herbs, vegetables, and fruits offer not just nutrition but also healing. Calendula is my go-to for skin and lymphatic issues, and onions become honey cough syrup. Chamomile and Catnip teas before bedtime are our soothing rituals.

I strongly believe in the importance of harvesting and preserving both food and herbal medicine. Each item I've chosen serves a medicinal purpose. I encourage you to explore culinary herbs and their medicinal potential – infuse oils for salad dressings, craft herb butter for fresh bread, or create soothing syrups like Hollyhock and Echinacea when health falters.

Harvest intentionally, ensure thorough washing and drying, and maintain herb freshness. Join me at or on social media for recipes, foraging, and gardening inspiration. Let's celebrate the power of herbs and nature together!