The Knotty Garden Collection

Erin holding a zinnia in front of half her face

Hi, I'm Erin! You might recognize me from @theknottygarden on Instagram. In 2022, I decided to share my gardening knowledge and enthusiasm on social media and I rapidly grew to over 100k followers! I have had my hands in the garden since I was a child and I have tended to my own gardens for well over a decade. I have a passion for organic and sustainable practices that support biodiversity and local ecosystems. Not only is my garden a Certified Wildlife Habitat, it also grows a substantial amount of food for my family year-round. 


I have been a devoted customer of West Coast Seeds for over a decade! I am sharing this curated list of seeds with you because I have personally tried ALL of them with great success. You may recognize some familiar variety names. I haven't chosen this list to be adventurous or bold; I have selected these seeds because I want you to have the great growing experience that I have had! These are my favourites that I return to, time and again, because they have been a joy to grow!


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