The Fairly Rooted Collection

Amber holding a white dog standing in her garden surrounded by nature

Hi, I'm Amber! I've been gardening and growing since I was a kid, but seriously got into it 18 years ago when I left home for college. For me, gardening is not only a passion and a hobby, but a way I can assure that my family has good healthy food for the entire year. I preserve, can, dehydrate, freeze dry, sun dry and freeze most of the food I grow in the winter months, and anything our family doesn't eat I feed to our animals, give away, donate to our local food bank and sell. During the winter months I grow hardy vegetables in my greenhouses! 

My focus is growing vegetables, fruit, herbs and medicinal plants that are hardy to my area (North Eastern Ontario, growing zone 5a... but more like a 4a according to other farmers here!). I have an organic no-dig garden, on top of the Canadian Shield, and I strive to garden in balance with nature. I enjoy figuring out what grows best and what tastes the best... and also growing harder to find varieties. West Coast Seeds has been my go-to seed company for about a decade, their germination rates are excellent and their seeds are true!