Epazote Seeds

Epazote seeds are native to Central and South America. It grows so well in climates north of its area of origin that it is sometimes considered a weed. The leaves of the Epazote herb are strong and pungent. They are often cooked as a vegetable, since they have a medicinal, residuous flavour when raw. Epazote is traditionally cooked with black beans for flavouring and its antiflatulent characteristics. It also features in other traditional Mexican dishes such as quesadillas, sopes, soups, mole de olla, tamales, chilquiles, eggs and potatoes, enchiladas, and tamales.

Please Note: In significant quantities, Epazote is poisonous. While it is safe to use as a culinary herb in small quantities, overuse can cause deafness, vertigo, paralysis, incontinence, sweating, jaundice, and even death. It is to be avoided by pregnant women and small children. (Family: Amarantaceae)