We choose optimism.

We’re on a mission to mobilize a new wave of growers.

Our world may have changed, but our commitment to our people and customers has not.

Think Big. Act Small.

Responsibility for the Earth 

At West Coast Seeds, we practice and teach the principles of organic growing and sustainable agriculture. We believe that food and all plants should be grown without the use of chemicals, and that the seeds we supply are an important component of organic gardening. West Coast Seeds growers are custodians of the land, nourishing soil through organic techniques to grow vigorous and sustainable gardens. We believe in eating locally produced foods, protecting pollinators, teaching people how to grow from seed, and supporting regional biodiversity through regenerative practices. 

Organic farming through and through 

For over 35 years, West Coast Seeds has maintained a reputation as a leading supplier in organic farming. With our high-quality products and knowledgeable staff, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers – while encouraging sustainable organic growing practices through knowledge and support. 

Education & empowerment 

We don’t just offer seeds, we offer experience, insight and understanding. From timeless garden wisdom to new tech know-how, this is learning on the job: knowledge gleaned not from the pages of a book but from burying our fingers in the soil. We test, experiment, observe and adapt, never happier than when we get to share what we’ve learned with others. Gardens don’t just grow seeds. They grow minds and imaginations, people and communities.  

Certified handler of organic seeds.

All West Coast Seeds varieties marked CERTIFIED ORGANIC have been organically certified by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS), registration number is 16-205. West Coast Seeds has organic certificates from our seed suppliers and ensures the quality of our seeds through independent third-party testing.

Our Guarantee.

Non-Genetically Modified

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have been engineered by introducing the genes of unrelated species. There are many concerns about the results and ethics of genetic modification or engineering. Unlike hybridization, genetic modification cannot occur without human intervention. As a founding signatory of the Safe Seed Pledge, West Coast Seeds does not knowingly carry or sell any GM seeds. 

Seeds Per Gram

Our seed counts (seeds-per-gram or s/g) are estimates only, as set out by the Government of Canada Seeds Act. Seed counts vary with each harvest and lot. These seed counts are useful as estimates and do not always reflect exact counts. 

Chemical Free

Some seed companies treat their seeds with fungicide and pesticide chemicals. Growers on massive industrial scale farms may wish to use treated seeds to reduce the chance of crop failure due to a sudden cold snap or unusually wet spring weather. Treated seeds are often dyed bright colours to show that chemicals are being used. West Coast Seeds does not sell treated seeds of any kind.  

We know that organic gardening practices mitigate the challenges faced by gardeners and growers in a way that is more sustainable and better for our planet, creating a thriving ecosystem in even the smallest of container gardens.  

Germination Standards

West Cost Seeds is a member of the Canadian Seed Institute and part of the Canadian Authorized Importer/Exporter program which follows strict standards. All the seeds we sell meet or exceed the Canadian standards established by the Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada for seed quality. The number found at the bottom of each seed envelope refers to specific lots, used for quality control and traceability.

We're more than a seed company

Who We Are

As purveyors of premium seeds and garden supplies, West Coast Seeds is a family-owned company that embraces an organic lifestyle; a group of imagination catalysts and passionate educators, dedicated to producing products and services that better nature.

Our Commitment

West Coast Seeds is committed to supplying our customers with non-GM, high-quality, untreated seeds. As part of our mission to repair the earth, we aim to inspire and empower people to take responsibility for the state of the planet, by teaching people how to sustainably grow from seed using time-honoured organic gardening practices.

How we've grown.

West Coast Seeds was founded in 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia, with the purpose of sourcing and supplying seeds of the highest quality. And that we have done, while following the traditions of organic farming and gardening. 

We offer over 1,100 varieties of untreated, non-genetically modified seeds. For us, organic is about much more than saying no to chemicals, it is about saying yes to building a healthy soil for the future.  

As we build a healthy future for our planet, we also build a healthy future for our company, by employing passionate advocates for the environment who are ambassadors of the shared values of our global gardening community.  

The Diamond Family.

Since 1983, West Coast Seeds has sought to meet the growing needs of home gardeners and market farmers alike. 

Today, under the stewardship of the Diamond family, we uphold our strong reputation as a leading seed supplier, seeking out the highest quality untreated seeds for organic growing. 

The British Columbia-based Diamond family businesses have spanned four generations, led today by Craig Diamond. Since Craig’s grandfather Jack Diamond came to Canada in 1927 as a young man and purchased his first business in 1940, the Diamonds have been engaged as ethical leaders in business, follow the principles of community and philanthropy set by Jack and his late son, Charles. The values of West Coast Seeds resonate deeply with the Diamond family, and they are committed to upholding this tradition.