Discover the unique qualities of our Certified Organic Seed Potatoes, a hallmark of sustainable agriculture from the fertile Pemberton Valley. These potatoes are more than just a crop; they're a testament to the sustainable and organic practices followed by our trusted growers. What makes seed potatoes from West Coast Seeds so special?

Commitment to Organic Farming

Cultivated in soil rich with organic matter and free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides, these seed potatoes embody a commitment to environmentally responsible farming. This approach ensures the production of high-quality potatoes while supporting a sustainable ecosystem.

Elite III Rating: A Promise of Quality

The "Elite III" rating of our seed potatoes is a testament to their disease-free status. This is particularly important given the susceptibility of potatoes to soil-borne diseases. The meticulous cultivation practices employed by the growers help to preserve the integrity and health of the crop, thereby ensuring the longevity of the farmland.

Expertly Produced for Disease Resistance

At the peak of the season, the most robust potato plants are selected. These are then used to produce "multipliers," a crucial step in the process. These multipliers are grown to produce tubers, or seed potatoes, that are free from common potato diseases. This careful selection and cultivation process results in robust, healthy seed potatoes, ready for planting in your garden.

Rigorous Inspection and Quarantine Measures

Throughout their growth, the seed potatoes are subject to stringent inspections by CFIA biologists, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and health. The British Columbia Seed Potato Control Act further ensures that strict quarantine measures are in place to prevent any introduction of soil-borne diseases.

A Rich Heritage of Farming in Pemberton Valley

Grown on a 500-acre farm in the Pemberton Valley, these seed potatoes come from a long-standing family operation, deeply rooted in farming since 1912. Surrounded by the Coastal mountain range, this farm is renowned for producing some of the highest quality seed potatoes in Canada, a testament to the skill and dedication involved in their cultivation.

Choosing these Certified Organic Seed Potatoes means supporting a tradition of responsible, sustainable agriculture, where the health of the environment and the quality of produce are held in the highest regard.