Love it or hate it, Cilantro can be a tricky yet rewarding crop to grow, especially when you have a continuous supply in the garden. Cilantro is an annual plant, unlike many other perennial herbs, so it needs to be replanted every year. Watch the video below to learn how to grow cilantro with proper timing, optimal soil temperature, and the correct level of moisture. We’ll show you how to control this plant’s tendency to bolt so that you can enjoy cut-and-come-again cilantro during the growing season.


  • Cilantro prefers to be grown in more moderate temperatures of spring and fall as opposed to the hot and dry summer when it’s more likely to bolt.
  • Plant in 2–3-week successions for a continuous harvest.
  • Seeds should germinate in 5–10 days.
  • Cut down to 1” to harvest and it will grow again. 

Varieties featured in this video:

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