Mind & Soil Collection

Before even launching Mind & Soil, the only seeds I ever planted in my garden were those from West Coast Seeds. From delicious cherry tomatoes to bountiful cucumbers, West Coast Seeds has always been my trusted source for the highest quality seeds along my gardening journey.

Speaking of, there became a time where I had to turn my passion for gardening's mental health benefits into profession, and officially launched Mind & Soil to help connect new gardeners with how peaceful, relaxing, and restorative the garden can be. But, any time you try something new I know it can be a little bit daunting and overwhelming — the opposite of how we want to feel in the garden. This is why I create countless step-by-step gardening videos. 
My hope is to equip you with the exact same seeds I grow through my collection and video content that walks you through exactly how to grow those seeds. That way all of your time in the garden is spent simply enjoying how peaceful the garden is.

So, grab some seeds from my collection and let's grow alongside one another in 2024.