Coleus is often grown as an annual bedding plant or in patio containers to provide a showy splash of vivid colour. Native to tropical regions of Africa and Asia, this shade tolerant plant can also be grown indoors for some extra colour all year round. Please note that Coleus is toxic to pets.

Coleus blumei

Easy, but requires patience.

Season & Zone
Season: Warm season
Exposure: Full-sun to partial shade.

Start seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost date. Seeds should germinate in 14-21 days.

Sprinkle the tiny seeds on prepared trays and lightly cover with seed starting mix. Do not bury as seeds need light to germinate. Place in a warm area in bright, but indirect light. Keep moist. Covering the tray with a dome creates a humid environment that will encourage germination. Coleus seedlings are slow growers. Once seedlings appear, it will take 3-4 weeks before they are ready to be potted on/transplanted.

When seedlings have two sets of true leaves, pot them on to continue growing until outdoor temperatures are consistently warm. Or transplant into their own containers if growing indoors. They prefer well-draining soil with consistent moisture. They perform best in partial shade, but can tolerate full shade. Growing in full sun may result in less vivid colouring. Coleus produces delicate flower stalks in the summer, but they can be pinched off to direct the plant's energy to making more foliage. Cuttings easily root in water.

Seed Info
Usual seed life: 2 years.