If you're trying to figure out whether your potato plants are determinate or indeterminate, you can breathe a sigh of relief. It's not as critical as it might seem.

In the world of potato growing, the lines between determinate and indeterminate varieties are not as clear as they are with tomatoes or beans. In Canada, many of our potato varieties display characteristics of both types, placing them in a unique category. Considering our relatively brief growing season, this distinction is more a matter of curiosity than a crucial growing factor.

What really matters in potato cultivation is focusing on the practices that foster healthy growth. All potatoes, regardless of their type, benefit greatly from hilling soil around their bases. This technique supports robust tuber development. The key to success lies in understanding the planting and care methods, along with the maturity timeline of your chosen variety, rather than fitting them into a specific classification.

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The Canadian government categorizes potato varieties by days to maturity, a practical guideline that’s more beneficial for gardeners. For more information on this, visit the CFIA website.

It's interesting to note that potatoes don't fit as neatly into the determinate or indeterminate categories as tomatoes do. For example, indeterminate potatoes don’t grow like vines and stop producing tubers once mature. Observing changes in the plant above ground, such as flowering and leaf transformation, can give you valuable insights into the development of the tubers below.

While some resources might list potatoes as either determinate or indeterminate, this classification isn’t a major consideration in growing them. The CFIA's potato variety listing doesn't make this distinction. More importantly, being familiar with the growth habits and maturity stages of your potato plants will guide you towards a bountiful harvest.