Bee Turf is a lawn replacement blended from mixed clovers and low-growing wildflowers that was developed by West Coast Seeds in partnership with the City of Richmond, BC. It is intended to replace lawn in urban settings in order to reduce maintenance costs and increase habitat and forage for pollinators.

Exposure: Full sun to partial shade: At least 4 hours of directs sunlight daily.
Zone: Hardy to Zone 3

Sow once the soil has a steady minimum temperature of 10°C (50°F). Try to avoid planting during periods of prolonged hot weather. The mix can also be fall sown, 6-8 weeks before the first average frost date.

For smaller areas, seeding by hand is fairly simple. Use a seed spreader for larger areas. Sow at a rate of 1.25kg (2¾ lbs) per 1,000 square feet. Sow onto bare, prepared soil, with no other vegetation present. The seeds do not need to be buried, but they do need to be in direct contact with the soil. Because lawn spaces tend to be large, we recommend erring on the side of caution. It’s a good idea to withhold 15-20% of seeds for filling in any bald areas later.

Seeding over existing lawn or turf rarely works since the seeds have to be in contact with the soil.

Keep the seeded area completely damp until seedlings are about 2cm (1″) tall. This may call for light watering more than once a day in dry, sunny weather.

This blend is designed to require minimal care. It’s smart to water occasionally during periods of prolonged drought, but only if the plants are showing signs of stress.

For maximum pollinator benefit, allow the blend to reach 5” tall (over approximately 3 months), or control with a string trimmer. Or mow (approximately once a month) to 2½ – 3” for a manicured lawn look.