Seed Donations

Everyone Deserves The Benefits of Gardening

Gardening strengthens our physical and mental wellbeing. It provides a sense of accomplishment, reduces anxiety, and fills the mind with wonder. By working with non-profit organizations, charities, community-based education groups and schools, we hope to build beautiful garden spaces that give people a place to learn, socialize, and grow.

Our seed donation boxes are prepacked with a mix of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that were packaged for sale from previous years. Box sizes range from 25-200 packages. Larger donations are also available and considered on a case-by-case basis. School garden boxes are available in 25 and 50 packets and are packed to suit the school year.

Spreading the Joy of Growing

Applications open April 1st – January 15th

Program Qualifications

You may be eligible for a Seed Donation if you are:

  • An educator looking for seeds for a school garden, classroom project, or for community education workshops.
  • A charity or non-profit organization promoting organic gardening and growing practices.
  • A community garden growing food to freely share with community based, non-profit organizations.
  • An international non-profit organization advancing self-sufficient food production. Please contact us for more details regarding our shipping policies for this type of donation.

List of Community groups/projects that we support:

  • Community farms
  • Community gardens- food bank donations
  • Emergency relief e.g. natural disasters for up to two years after the event
  • Farmers Market Association
  • Food security initiatives
  • Garden Societies
  • Pollinator projects
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Seed libraries
  • Seniors’ facilities
  • Schools/school garden programs
  • Urban and Sustainable Ag Farm programs

We charge a flat fee of $10 (Canada) and $20 (USA) to cover shipping costs. Please do not send payment before your application approved. Recommended time for submitting applications is October – December.