Spring Seasonal Items (Potatoes, Spring Bulbs, Asparagus Crowns, Onion Sets)

Spring seasonal items which include potatoes, spring flower bulbs, asparagus crowns, and onion sets begin shipping as soon as overnight temperatures are consistently above freezing in your region. Because these items are living goods we can not ship them before this time or they risk being damaged due to frost.

Historically, these seasonal items ship towards the end of March and into April. In some years with cooler spring temperatures, seasonal goods do not ship until the end of April. In an average year, the pacific coastal region will begin shipping earliest and as the weather improves we will begin shipping through the southern regions, the prairies, central, eastern, and northern Canada.

The good news? You will still have plenty of time to plant! Learn how to grow each of the varieties below in the West Coast Seeds Academy:

Garlic Bulbs
Estimated shipping for Garlic Bulbs is September into early October, based on quality assurance. Learn more here.

Mason Bee Cocoons
Estimated shipping for Mason Bee Cocoons is November to the end of February.

Beneficial Nematodes
Estimated shipping for Nematodes is early Summer, typically June–July.

Please email our customer service team if you have any other questions about shipping timelines: customerservice@westcoastseeds.com.