Sprout & Microgreen Seeds

Indoor gardens are in many ways much simpler and easier to control due to lack of uncontrollable factors that may inhibit or contribute to your success. Sprouts are seeds that are encouraged to germinate by repeatedly rinsing them in clean water. With sprouts, you want to choose plants that will germinate fast, so you can complete the whole process within a few days.

Microgreens are produced by densely planting seeds in soil and harvesting them as their first leaf, or leaf pair, opens. But microgreens grow in soil, so there is no urgency. Therefore, you can use plants that may take longer to germinate, that would be inappropriate for sprouting for this very reason. The list of possible food plants to grow as microgreens is nearly endless—everything from amaranth to sunflowers, chia to basil, Brussels sprouts to Swiss chard.

Download our Guide to Growing Sprouts and Microgreens for more information on sprouting equipment and how to grow our most popular varieties.