SunBlaster LED Light Strips
SunBlaster LED Grow Lights

SunBlaster LED Light Strips


  • Available in three sizes
  • Swaps easily for T5 tubes
  • Lasts 50,000 hours
  • Very low power intake
  • Keeps seedlings strong
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Product Description

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LED light strips have been around for years now, but they have been way too expensive. We are very happy that SunBlaster has introduced this line of light strips as an option to their excellent T5 fluorescent tubes. LED light strips take relatively little energy to run, and they last for 50,000 hours. As with the tubes, multiple lights can be linked together to a single energy source in order to create a very bright growing environment nearly anywhere. The LED strips do not produce heat — just good old 6400K full spectrum light. These lights can be swapped for the SunBlaster Fluorescent Grow Lights (ZHG152), and they work with the Universal T5 Hanger, and the Universal T5 Light Stand.


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