Pac Choi and Choi Sum Seeds

Pac Choi and Choi Sum are two closely related members of the mustard family that are very popular in Chinese cuisine. Pac Choi is harvested as a rosette of tasty leaves with succulent stems. Choi Sum is harvested for its crisp, succulent stems – just before the flowers open. Both are easy to grow and very fast crops that tolerate cold soil.

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  • Ching Chiang Shanghai Pac Choi Seeds

    Ching Chiang Shanghai Pac Choi

  • Jade Spring

    Jade Spring Choi Sum

  • Joi Choi

    Joi Choi

  • Mei Qing Choi Baby

    Mei Qing Choi

  • Tah-Tsai-Pac-Choi-Seeds-MU533-1

    Tah Tsai

  • Tah Tsai Organic

    Tah Tsai Organic

  • Taiwan

    Taiwan Pac Choi

  • Toy Choy Seeds for Organic Growing

    Toy Choy Pac Choi

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  • White-Stemmed

    White Stemmed Pac Choi

  • Yu Tsai Sum

    Yu Tsai Sum