Wholesale Seed Racks

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Wholesale Seed Racks

Looking to expand the seed selection in your garden centre or gift shop? Consider the proven sales of a West Coast Seeds wholesale seed rack to suit your specific retail needs. West Coast Seeds offers over 800 varieties of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds in specially designed retail packets. Our bestselling Sprouting Seeds and Micro-Greens Seeds are also available for retail sales.

Better than that, West Coast Seeds offers full retail service of our racks to keep them fully stocked and tidy looking. Your retail location will be included in our automated online Store Locator to help drive traffic in your doors. Attractive signage, banners, racks and displays are key in attracting customers and generating sales. In addition to one of the most informative seed packets on the market, our displays are clear, informative and promote sales.  Our staff are keen on partnering with our retail partners to develop custom displays and provide back end support throughout the year.

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