Plug Inserts Professional
Plug Inserts Professional

Plug Inserts Professional 72 Cells


Volume Discount on 72 cell trays

6 or more receive 10% off
24 or more receive 25% off

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Product Description

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These V-shaped Plug Inserts Professional Seedling Trays are used by commercial growers. While they can be inserted into No-Hole Flats, they are intended to be placed on a propagating table so air can circulate under the tray and the roots stay in the plug. Use to start lettuce, members of the cabbage family, onions, flowers, etc. in a greenhouse or outdoors. To remove transplants you can pull them out (after watering). Inserting a piece of 1/4″ dowel into the drainage hole also works well to dislodge the plugs. This is a 72 cell tray.


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