Grow Ease Starter Kit 24 Cell

Grow Ease Starter Kit 24 Cell


  • Made from recycled materials
  • Easy to use
  • Self watering
  • Great for beginners

Product Description

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This simple kit is all one really needs to start a small garden from seed, or to start plants like peppers and tomatoes indoors prior to transplanting out. Made from 100% post-industrial or pre-consumer recycled plastic, the Grow Ease Starter Kit includes a polypropylene capillary mat that wicks water from the reservoir below to holes in the bottom of each cell. Sturdy cell inserts sit on the mat, and the reservoir only needs to be topped up once a week. The 24 Cell kit is 37cm (14¾”) long, 23.5cm (9¼”) wide, and 6cm (2¼”) deep. The kit includes a 7cm (2¾”) tall humidity dome. Remove the dome once seedlings emerge. This kit is also available as the Grow Ease Starter Kit 12 Cell.


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