Welcome to the West Coast Seeds GROW page!

Did you take home one of our Plant-a-Packets? Follow these simple instructions and grow your own vegetables by planting a single seed!

1. You’ll need some regular potting soil, a pot to plant in, and a seed. A small scoop or spoon is useful, and a funnel makes it easier to get the soil into the Planting Packet.
2. Fill the Planting Packet about half full of soil. There’s a line on the packet to fill to.
3. Place one seed into the middle of the soil, inside the Planting Packet, and push it into the soil.
4. Once the seed is planted, plant the whole packet about halfway in a larger pot full of soil. Keep the top open.
5. Last, but not least, give the packet (and pot) some water. Your plant should emerge within ten days!
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