Companion Planting

Looking for a chart of which vegetables, herbs, and flowers to plant together?

Download and optionally print our Guide to Companion Planting. In addition to recommendations about which plants work well together, and which plants to keep apart, you'll learn more about organic methods for maintaining a healthy garden ecosystem with companion planting.

We cover multiple areas of companion planting, including:

  • Trap cropping to lure pests away from your vegetables
  • Attracting pollinators and other beneficial insects
  • Positive hosting to help produce a surplus of nectar
  • Protecting crops by using plants to provide shelter
  • Minimizing risks and increasing odds of higher yields

You'll also get a basic overview of how to look at plants from a botanical perspective, as well as a handy list of plants that offer general benefits to the garden.

Click here to download the Companion Planting pdf file.