Growlight Garden ZHG289A
Growlight GardenGrowlight GardenGrowlight Garden

Growlight Garden

5 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
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  • Perfect for micrgogreens
  • Perfect for baby leaf salad greens
  • Compact and well-designed
  • Staff Favourite
  • Easy to assemble and use

Product Description

Growlight Garden Lighting is the perfect kit for indoor salad or microgreen production! The compact size and shape of this unit is ideal for table or kitchen counter-top use. The base is a sturdy aluminum tray that acts as a reservoir for water. In this tray sits a stand covered by a sheet of absorbant cloth that draws water up and into the bottoms of the planted seed trays by capillary action. Two 6400 Kelvin T5 fluorescent tubes and a curved reflective hood flood the growing area in full spectrum light, while using 20% less electricity. The hood’s height is fully adjustable. Once seedlings sprout, lower the hood to about 10cm (4″) from the tops of the plants, and they will grow bushy, strong, and compact. The Growlight Garden is also ideal for starting seedlings. It includes four reusable segmented trays for planting, the reservoir stand, multi-layered wicking sheet for optional “self watering,” and full instructions. All plastic components are 100% recycled. Unit measures 62x40x43cm (24 1/4×15 3/4×17″).

Mark reviews the Growlight Garden.

View our Youtube video on sprouting and assembling the Growlight Garden.

1 review for Growlight Garden

  1. 5 out of 5


    This was one of the best investments I made last year. It is designed really well and delivers every bit as promised. We ate fresh microgreens and baby salad greens all winter. You just fill the reservoir, plant your seeds, and watch them grow. My wife and I really feel that the ability to grow and harvest fresh greens all winter has improved our well being.

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