Victory Gardens for Bees

Victory Gardens for Bees


  • Learn about beekeeping
  • Save indigenous bee species
  • Great plant recommendations
  • Save the bees!
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By Lori Weidenhammer. Victory Gardens for Bees is fantastic! We are so happy that Vancouver based author Lori Weidenhammer came up with the first serious book treatment about bee decline and what how to reverse it. With clear, simple, witty style, she describes the multitude of bee species and their often complex relationships with flowering plants. She outlines numerous garden plans, from herb beds to edible landscapes to simple bee-friendly pastures, with specific plant recommendations to benefit honeybees, bumblebees, and a host of indigenous bees. The very serious issue of colony collapse disorder is discussed calmly and rationally with solutions in mind. This book will prove to be an excellent resource for pollinator conservation and organic gardening in the twenty-first century. 8 x 10″, 226 pages.


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