Jade Princess Millet Seeds
Jade Princess Millet SeedsJade Princess Millet SeedsJade Princess Millet Seeds

Jade Princess Millet


  • Bright chartreuse foliage
  • Height to 75cm (30″)
  • Works in containers
  • Hybrid ornamental grass

Product Description

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Pennisetum glaucum. Jade Princess Millet is the most compact of the three royal millets, growing to only 75cm (30″) tall. But the foliage is a spectacular chartreuse yellow green colour that immediately draws one’s attention. It provides sharp contrast to any dark leaves or flowers in the garden, including Purple Majesty millet. The leaves form a series of overlapping arches, with the tips nearly reaching back to the soil. And by the middle of summer the rush-like panicles emerge, bushier and more curved than the others. They easily resemble the tails of mythical beasts rummaging through the foliage. This ornamental millet looks magnificent as single specimens in large patio containers.



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