Bunny Tail Grass
Bunny Tail Grass

Bunny Tails


  • Good for cut flowers
  • Good for dried flowers
  • Height to 30cm (12″)
  • Drought tolerant

Product Description

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Lagurus ovatus. Known alternately as Bunny Tails, Hares’ Tails, and Catgrass, this exceptional annual grass has panicles (flowers) like little powder puffs. Native to the Mediterranean region, it grows well in any temperate environment, and puts on a great show mid-summer in containers, garden beds, or xeriscaping landscapes. Better still, the amusing flower heads dry on the plant and remain in place through the winter. The stems grow to 30cm (12″) tall, and add whimsy to flower arrangements. They’re also superb as dried flowers. Bunny Tails has earned the RHS Award of Garden Merit for its adaptability and charm.


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