3 Inch Cow Pots

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3 Inch Cow Pots are great for smaller seedlings like lettuce and basil. Read More
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3 Inch Cow Pots

Product Details

3 Inch Cow Pots are great for smaller seedlings like lettuce and basil. They provide the root space for seedlings to develop a bit further before transplanting out into the vegetable garden. They’re also great for starting tomato and pepper seedlings and can be buried flush with the soil if potting on is needed. Made from fully composted cow manure, they provide an environmentally sound alternative to plastic pots, and once they’re planted into the ground, they will biodegrade completely, providing nitrogen and a bit of organic matter to seedlings. This also means that transplant shock is not a worry because the roots of the seedlings can grow right through the permeable walls and into the soil.

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3 Inch Cow Pots

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