What Zone Am I In? Plant Hardiness Zones

Hardiness Zone Map
15 Sep
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Plant Hardiness Zones offer general guidance to the kinds of plants that will succeed in your area. The warmer your climate, the higher the number of the Zone you live in. Zones are affected by altitude, exposure to open water, and also protection from the elements. Microclimates like English Bay in Vancouver can provide enough protection to grow palm trees. However, neighbours on a hilly street in North Vancouver may find themselves in different Zones.

The figures below offer a general guide to determining your Zone. Think of the minimum winter temperature in your area in a typical year.

Coldest Temperature in your local region = Your Zone

Below -45°C (-49°F) – Zone 0
-45°C (-49°F) – Zone 1
-45 to -40°C (-49 to -40°F) – Zone 2
-40 to -35°C (-40 to -31°F) – Zone 3
-35 to -29°C (-31 to -20°F) – Zone 4
-29 to-23°C (-20 to -9°F) – Zone 5
-23 to -18°C (-9 to -1°F) – Zone 6
-18 to -12°C (-1 to 10°F) – Zone 7
-12 to -7°C (10 to 19°F) – Zone 8
-7 to -1°C (19 to 30°F) – Zone 9