The benefit of winter wheat is its hardiness. It all but eliminates winter soil erosion, and then supplies a source of carbon-rich organic matter to till under before planting vegetable crops. Continue reading below for information on how to grow winter wheat.

Triticum sp.
Family: Poaceae

Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Sow 6-8 weeks before the first average frost date. Winter wheat is hardy to Zone 3: -40°C (-40°F). Unlike oats, this cold-hardy cereal will not die off over winter.

Sow to a depth of 2cm (1").

The germinated seeds lie dormant in frosty soil, and then burst into growth in the spring, providing a greater nitrogen to carbon ratio when it is tilled under. Left to mature, it will produce hard wheat kernels by early summer. Till at any time, using a fork to properly integrate the organic matter into the soil.