Barley Cover Crop Seeds are a fast-growing grass with fibrous roots that can reach as far as 2m (6') deep. It is less upright than oats, and not nearly as weedy as rye. Continue reading below for details on how to grow Barley.

Hordeum vulgare
Family: Poaceae

Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

Sow barley any time during the growing season, from early March to the end of August. Barley does not overwinter in cold climates – it will winter-kill at -8°C (17°F). To harvest grain, plant in the spring only.

Sow to a depth of 2-4cm (1-1½").

Cut or scythe and leave in place on the soil as a mulch. It can easily be worked into the soil with a garden fork. Allow two weeks before planting the following crop.