This easy-to-grow annual flower species is sometimes called Chinese Forget-Me-Nots or Hound’s Tongue. It is a relative of borage, and is native to Asia. Continue reading below for our expert tips on how to grow Cynoglossum from seed.

Cynoglossum amabile
Family: Boraginaceae


Season & Zone
Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Zone: 2-10

Direct sow in early spring when a light frost is still possible. Otherwise start indoors 6-8 weeks before planting out. Direct sow again in autumn. Seeds will sprout in 5-10 days, particularly if maintained at their optimal soil temperature of 18-24°C (65-75°F).

Sow seeds shallowly at 5mm (¼”) deep, and thin or space to 20-30cm (8-12″) apart. If starting indoors, keep seeds in total darkness until they sprout, and then provide bright light.

Ordinary, well-drained garden soil with a neutral to slightly acid pH range will work well. Weak plants result from rich soil. This species is well suited to xeriscaping. Deadhead to avoid self sowing.