Grow Sisyrinchium once, and the common name of Blue-Eyed Grass will make complete sense. The leaves of this low growing perennial are quite grass-like, and in summer it comes alive with very delicate blue flowers that seem to appear out of nowhere. Below are some top tips on how to grow Sisyrinchium from seeds.

Low growing perennial that thrives in partial shade

Sisyrinchium bellum
Family: Iridaceae

Somewhat challenging

Exposure: Full sun to part shade
Zone: Hardy to Zone 7

Germination can be slow, and the seeds benefit from vernalization. Sow pre-moistened flats and seal them in plastic bags. Refrigerate for two to three weeks. Then move the flats outdoors to a shady location after all threat of frost has passed. Transplant as seedlings appear.

Sow seeds 2mm (1/8″) deep. Germination can take 30 to 180 days, so be patient.

Transplant after last frost into average, well drained soil. Sisyrinchium grows well in most situations, but it excels in moist, well-drained, fertile soil with pH of 6.5 – 7.8.