For over 50 years, SPEC has brought a range of environmental concerns to the attention of policymakers, industry and the public. SPEC is one of the longest running not-for -profits in BC, through its public education and advocacy work, SPEC has built a lasting legacy of environmental protection promoting practical solutions for urban sustainability in the areas of food security, waste reduction, sustainable energy and transportation, and climate mitigation. Members of SPEC and its volunteers started the School Gardens Program over fifteen years ago to introduce food gardens and education to school age children.

Since the inception of the program, we have helped establish food gardens, supported food literacy, and led environmental education lessons in 20 different schools across Vancouver. The School Gardens Program strives to connect children/youth to their food, classmates, nature, and community through interactive workshops, encouraging them to disconnect from the online world, and reconnect to the natural world, to find the beauty in nature, its healing benefits and develop a deeper connection to the land by learning about biodiversity, developing organic gardening skills, shifting to healthier eating habits, and more physical activity.

To learn more about SPEC's work including the School Gardens Program, follow us on Instagram @specschoolgardens and @specbc.