Scadding Court Community Centre (SCCC) is a multi-service agency with a range of programs and services that are geared toward the Alexandra Park neighbourhood and surrounding community in west downtown Toronto. We offer a wide range of programs for people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, including programs for children, youth, adults, people with disabilities, seniors and more. We also offer food security and urban agriculture programs, including a seasonal community garden. SCCC has provided community programs for 40 years, with our agriculture/community garden programs in operation since 2003.

Scadding Court Community Centre building & gardens

We offer 60 community garden plots to people in the neighbourhood and run seasonal garden education programs for children, youth, adults and seniors. Participants say our programs have helped them feel more connected to their neighbours, develop gardening and food growing skills, and supplement their meals with fresh, healthy vegetables.

Picture of kale growing at scadding court community centre garden

Our community garden includes 60 plots which are tended by individuals and families who live in the Alexandra Park community and surrounding area. The food that is harvested from our collective plots (3 total) is donated to our friends at Alexandra Park Community Centre who use the produce in prepared meals and/or food hampers.

Tomatoes growing on the vine at Scadding Court Community Centre in Toronto

We hope to facilitate opportunities for neighbours to come together to grow food, develop skills and learn from each other in a safe, supportive environment. The area around Scadding Court is increasingly becoming gentrified with many new high rise buildings being built alongside existing subsidized housing units. The community garden provides much-needed food for people living on low income but also has potential to bring people together to share their experiences and build a more caring, supportive community.

Sunflowers growing in gardens at scadding court community centre

Gardening provides opportunities for people to be outside and enjoy nature with their friends, families, and neighbours. It can provide a sense of belonging for residents of the area and allows them a chance to create a beautiful, thriving space that brings joy to community members. Many gardeners report an increased sense of connection to others as a result of their involvement in the community garden and say they have made at least one new friend while gardening. They also learn important skills such as how to plant, maintain, and harvest food crops, how to compost and how to incorporate plants that benefit pollinator insects. Ultimately, the garden helps to improve the mental, emotional and physical health of participants, provides sources of food for participants and is a site for community learning and sharing. The produce harvested from the collective gardens benefit people receiving prepared meals and food hampers from our friends at Alexandra Park Community Centre.

echinacea growing in the scadding court community centre gardens

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