Homma School Gardens

For the past six years we have prioritized equitable access to outdoor play and learning by dedicating a full time teaching position to garden learning. This last year our fundraising efforts culminated in a brand new school garden built to replace our previously well-loved garden space. Students were involved in the design and build, and we are able to continue to offer two hours a week of garden learning, in all weather and across all seasons, to over 400 students.

Gathering circle at Homma Elementary school

Megan Zeni and Sarah Regan consider themselves garden librarians. They manage the inputs and outputs of the garden and teach children how to plant, maintain and harvest crops grown throughout the school year.

Homma School gardening educators

The school garden offers rich opportunities for children to learn with and from the land in all curricular areas while developing their ecological identities and an ethic of care for our earth. We are grateful for the seed donations we receive each year from West Coast Seeds that reliably grow into wonderful crops we can enjoy together! You can learn more about our school garden program by following along on Instagram or Twitter.

dirty hands at homma elementary school garden