Multi 6 Soil Blocker

Soil Blocker Multi 6


This large hand-held multi 6 soil blocker is manufactured in the UK by Ladbrooke. No root shock. Eliminate the use of plastic trays on your farm.


Product Description

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The Multi series Soil Blockers are used standing upright. They are pushed into a wet soil mix, and when the handle is squeezed, out pop identical soil blocks. The Multi 6 Soil Blocker produces six 3″ cubes that are ready to receive large either seeds or the 3/4″ soil blocks from the Micro 20. Instead of circling the pot, roots grow to the end of the block, concentrating their root mass in the center. When transplanted, there is no root shock, and seedlings become quickly established in their new environment. Unit stands 78cm (30inches) tall.


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