Soil Blocker Insert Pins

SKUS: HG708C, HG708B, HG708A, HG708D
These interchangeable insert pins are intended for use with Soil Blockers with removable pins. Select the set you best suited for your purposes: Read More
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Soil Blocker Insert Pins

Product Details

These interchangeable insert pins are intended for use with Soil Blockers with removable pins. Select the set best suited for your purposes: 

  • HG708A - 4 x Cube pins for soil blocks;
  • HG708B - 4 x Seed pins for small seeds;
  • HG708C - 4 x Dowel pins for larger seeds;
  • HG708D - Full set (12 total) 

HG708A - Soil Blocker Insert Cube Pins (4)
Cube Pins create 2cm (3/4") cubic indentations that accommodate Micro 20 blocks. This allow seeds to be started in Micro 20 blocks first, before 'potting up/on' the seedlings prior to final transplant. *A set is included with HG705 Multi 6.
Compatible with: HG706 Multi 12, HG701 Mini 4, HG705 Multi 6.

HG708B - Soil Blocker Insert Seed Pins (4)
Seed Pins create indentations that fit small to medium size seeds (such as carrots and brassicas). *A set is included with all Blockers, except HG703 Maxi 1 + HG700 Micro. 20Compatible with: HG701 Mini 4HG702 Mini 5, HG706 Multi 12, HG707 Multi 20, HG710 Multi 35, HG705 Multi 6.

HG708C - Soil Blocker Insert Dowel Pins (4)
Dowel Pins create indentations that accommodate large to extra large seeds (such as beets and cucumbers). Compatible with: HG701 Mini 4HG702 Mini 5HG706 Multi 12, HG707 Multi 20HG710 Multi 35HG705 Multi 6.

HG708D - Soil Blocker Insert Full Set (12)
A full set (12 total) of all 3 types of insert pins (4 each) for a special price.

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Soil Blocker Insert Pins

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