Yellow Onion Sets

Yellow Onion Sets


Sold out for 2018


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These Yellow Onion Sets will produce large, fine tasting, sweet storage onions with yellow skins by the end of summer. Over summer the little bulbs will sprout and grow just like regular onions but without the work of starting them early indoors. At the end of the season, once they have sized up to your liking, they get knocked over for drying and later taken inside for curing, just like regular onions. Plant your onion sets in March and April. You may have luck with onion sets as late as May. Keep the growing area carefully weeded and plant in rich, freely draining soil.

Sold out for 2018

Seasonal item shipping: Items shipped at specific times of the year such as garlic, potatoes, onion sets, asparagus crowns, mason bee cocoons, nematodes and flower bulbs require special handling. They will be shipped separately as a new order with the applicable regional shipping charges applies. Whenever possible, we will combine you orders to minimize shipping charges. 

Although we do not foresee a jump in prices, spring-harvested live goods are subject to shifts in availability and demand. Please confirm pricing in January.


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