Winter Field Peas
Winter Field Peas SeedsWinter Field PeasWinter Field Peas

Winter Field Peas


  • Tolerates somewhat heavier soils
  • Can be planted slightly later in fall than crimson clover
  • Use an inoculant before planting
  • Use 50kg (110 lbs) per acre
  • Open-pollinated seeds
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Product Description

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Lathyrus hirsutus. Hardy Annual. This nitrogen fixer tolerates somewhat heavier soils and can be planted slightly later in the fall than crimson clover. Use a seed inoculant on seed before planting for maximum nitrogen fixation and to kick start the nitrogen fixing process. Sow seeds 2-8cm (1-3″) deep in fairly dense concentration. Sow Winter Field Peas cover crop seeds from mid-February to the end of May, and again late August to the end of September. Winter Field Peas are hardy to Zone 6: -23°C (-10°F). 500g covers approximately 40m2 (438 ft²). This cover crop can be mingled with Winter Wheat to store even more nitrogen and to add even more organic matter to the soil.

(Open-pollinated seeds)


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