Sunblaster High Output Fluourescent Tubes

Sunblaster High Output T5 Tubes


ZHG152A – 24″ tube, 24 watt
ZHG152B – 36″ tube, 39 watt
ZHG152C – 48″ tube, 54 watt

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Product Description

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Sunblaster High Output T5 Tubes fluourescent grow lights are only 1cm (5/8″) in diameter, so they can be placed just about anywhere. Each package includes tube, ballast, link cable, 2m (6′) electric cord, and 2 mounting clips. The link cable allows you to connect as many lights as you need to just one power source. Available in three sizes: 24 inch, 36 inch, and 48 inch. The Sunblaster High Output Tubes can be used with any T5 fixture, including the Jump Start kits and the Growlight Garden. High energy light output without noise, heat, or big energy bills, so it’s perfect for seed starting, growing microgreens, or any indoor growing use.


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