Tomato Greenhouse ZRC178-1
Tomato GreenhouseTomato Greenhouse

Tomato Greenhouse


  • Gathers heat
  • Protects from rain
  • Accelerates growth
  • Use with tomato cages
  • Ties included
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Product Description

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Get the most from your tomato plants with the Tomato Greenhouse made from red, perforated plastic film. This product allows air circulation, but retains heat for faster growing plants, plus it protects plants from rain and pests. Designed to fit over tomato cages, with UV stabilizers added for longer life. The Tomato Greenhouse comes as one sheet that is 28″ tall by 20′ wide. It is intended to be cut and wrapped around tomato cages and then tied at the top with twist ties (included). It is enough material to cover 6 to 7 cages. In coastal gardens, protecting tomato plants from rain is essential in order to prevent Late Blight, a fungus that can kill your whole tomato crop in 24 hours.


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