Shade Cloth for Organic Growing

Shade Cloth


  • 50% shade cloth
  • Lowers temperature
  • Delays bolting
  • Prevents sun scald
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Product Description

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Intense sunshine at the peak of summer can cause damage to certain crops like sun scald on peppers. Greenhouses can easily reach extremely high temperatures. And cool season crops like lettuce and arugula will bolt if overheated. This shade cloth is designed to block 50% of sunlight — that’s enough to keep plants growing, but shady enough to protect crops. Use this shade cloth directly over a greenhouse, or incorporate it with cloche pipes, and secure it in place with cloche clips. Shade Cloth can be used to delay bolting in leafy greens in early summer. Try it with arugula, lettuce, mustard greens, and spinach.

This product comes on a roll that is 10 feet wide by 150 feet long.


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