Lightweight Floating Row Cover ZRC401-1

Lightweight Floating Row Cover


  • Protects crops from insects
  • Allows light and water in
  • Easy to install
  • Shades tender seedlings
  • Numerous sizes available
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Product Description

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AGRYL P17. This 1/2 oz per square yard fabric is designed for insect exclusion and seedling protection. It is good for situations where you want protection without heat build-up. It’s so light that seedlings can easily push it up as they grow. Flea beetles, aphids, thrips, cabbage moth (Small White butterfly), carrot rust flies, cabbage root maggot flies, and leaf miner flies will be excluded if the cover is carefully applied. It can also be applied over newly seeded beds to aid germination and decrease water evaporation from the surface of the soil. When the Lightweight Floating Row Cover is applied over new transplants, it offers some sun and wind protection and moisture retention.

*ZRC401E = whole roll – 820 feet – call for shipping quote. This item will have to travel by special courier or can be ready for pick up.


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