As far as the calendar is concerned, spring is half over, despite the sense for many of us in 2017 that is yet to begin! There are still dozens of seeds to start in May. It can still be cold at night, so some seeds will continue to benefit from starting indoors in a warm room. Most seeds will germinate faster and more evenly if heated from below with a heating mat. Other seeds actually prefer cool soil for germination, and they can be direct sown in May here on the coast.

Start these seeds indoors in May:


(start indoors in the first week for transplanting mid-June)

Brussels SproutsBrussels Sprouts

(sow indoors last week in May for early August transplanting)

Cauliflower Cauliflower

(start indoors for transplanting June to August)

Cucumbers Cucumbers

(start them indoors in the second week in May, transplant in June)

Squash Squash

(start indoors before the 15th for transplanting in June)

Direct sow outdoors in May:

Alyssum Alyssum

(after the 15th)

Amaranth Amaranth

(after the 15th)

Arugula Arugula

(continue direct sowing short rows)

Basil Basil

(after the 15th)

Pole Beans Pole Beans

(after the 15th)

Echinacea Echinacea

(after the 15th)

Gaura Gaura

(before the 15th)

Oregano Oregano

(after the 15th)

Parsley Parsley

(May is the best time to direct sow parsley seeds)

Peas Peas

(up to the end of May)

Radishes Radishes

(until the 7th)

Sweet Peas Sweet Peas

(to the end of the month)

Wildflowers Wildflowers

(to the end of the month)

It’s still too cold at night to transplant tomatoes and tender perennials outdoors without protection. Wait for night time temperatures to be steadily above 10°C (50°F).

If you live outside of our mild coastal growing area, please look to our Regional Planting Charts adjusted to your region.