Micro Clover Seeding Calculator

Overseeding an Established Lawn:
50g for 1,000 square feet
250g for 5,000 square feet
500g for 10,000 square feet
2.5kg for 50,000 square feet (one acre)

Sowing Rate with No Grass (recommended):
50g for 100 square feet
250g for 500 square feet
500g for 1,000 square feet
2.5kg for 5,000 square feet

If starting a lawn from scratch use 5% Micro Clover of the total weight of the grass seed being sown. I.E. If seeding 1kg of grass, seed use 50g of Micro Clover in the mix.

All rates above are recommended for machine spreading. If spreading seeds by hand, add 25% to 50% more seeds. It is wise to withhold some seeds for filling in any bald areas that appear.