Known as Sea Holly as it thrives in the sandy, well-drained soil near seashores. The seeds of Eryingium can be tricky to germinate, but if you follow our Eryngium growing instructions, you should have good success.

Good drainage is fundamental to growing this plant.

Eryngium planum
Family: Apiaceae

Somewhat challenging

Exposure: Full sun
Zone: Hardy to Zone 5

Germination can be slow, and the seeds benefit from vernalization. Sow pre-moistened flats and seal them in plastic bags in late winter. Refrigerate for two to three weeks. Then move the flats outdoors to a shady location after all threat of frost has passed. Transplant as seedlings appear, which usually takes two to three weeks. Or, more simply, direct sow in the fall.

Sow seeds 2mm (1/8″) deep. Germination can take 5 to 90 days, so be patient.

Water only during very dry spells. Carefully mulch around the crowns with fine gravel to keep plants dry over winter. The long taproots make transplanting difficult.