Onion Seeds

Product Description
Note: Our onion and shallot offerings are seeds, not sets. You will enjoy a better harvest, with larger, more flavourful bulbs if you start these plants from seed. The process of producing sets (tiny, dried onion/shallot bulbs) interrupts the growth of the plant, and produces reliable results, but with poorer performance overall. The bulbing onions we sell are long-day or day-neutral. They will not perform in the southern US where short-day onions are required.

Onions are members of the lily family and have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal properties–more important than the vitamins and minerals they contain. Today, research is showing the value of the anti-oxidants in onions as anti-cancer agents. Onions are photo-periodic: day length triggers bulbing. Our varieties are “long day” types, suitable for northern US and Canada.