West Coast Seeds Moments

We love it when our customers tell us how our products have affected their lives in meaningful and often unexpected ways. Here are some of our favorite stories from our customers who shared their authentic West Coast Seeds moments.

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They met at West Coast Seeds

Allan and Christina's adorable story of how they first met in our store inspired us to share the love and give them some garden goodies to help get their garden off to a successful start.

Mom's a Grower!

"Becoming self-sustainable is a choice, but mostly it's a tremendous effort. Yesterday when the sun came out, I was able to get all this bounty out of the garden... Even as I am waddling about with a baby wedging it's way between my pelvis getting ready to meet the world any time now... No excuses!!! (Okay, I'll admit, it really wore me out) Today, I'll get to processing it for winter storage, and then more napping, don't worry. ......(but after that, more harvesting)" - Robin Wood

Photo courtesy of: Robin Wood

Ladner's Grand Prix of Art

West Coast Seeds loves to support community events. Here's a great shot of local artist, Janice McLean. She really did a great job of capturing the beauty of our Elliot Street store.

Do you have a West Coast Seeds moment you would like to share?

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